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Yu Kurosaki VG10 Damascus FUJIN WA RS8H

img by : Japanese cuisine tops the world not only for its mouth-watering sushi dishes and authentic flavors of unique savory, but also due to its usage of versatile, fine quality ingredients. Famed for the intricate processes, the supreme quality selection of ingredients and the traditional methods in the making of culinary wonders the world has to applaud for, Japanese cuisine is indeed among the most-loved, respected cuisine that leads the culinary trends. The variety of seasonings, meat selections, fresh seafood, and the traditional, softly cooked Japanese rice are what makes Japanese dishes a great standout among other Asian and even Western dishes. The usage of a variety of… Read More »

Yu Kurosaki R2(SG2) Hammered SHIZUKU WA RS8P Japanese Chef’s Petty Knife

img by : Japanese cuisine has always been in the hearts of diners worldwide, with its intricacy, yet subtle flavors and scents that conquer the taste buds and our very own parotid glands. The most famous Japanese food is of course, no other than sushi – fresh, raw Salmon topped on the authentic Japanese rice, often placed on traditional, wooden trays and served right on the spot at sushi bars and tables. Cooking sushi may appear to look as though it would be simple; however, it is quite the opposite of that – more so, extremely the opposite of the latter. Japanese chefs go through harsh training sessions, the… Read More »

Tomoo Kimura – The founder of Sushi Kimura

There is no deny to a growing number of Japanese food lovers, as most would definitely have themselves immersed in the rich yet delicate flavors of Japanese cuisine and its exquisite elements. Sushi has become a worldwide phenomenon, the blast of unique tastes and flavors, combining the rich, fresh tastes of raw ingredients with Japanese rice. Although there are numerous well-known Japanese cuisine we can all name apart from sushi – the popularity of sliced, fresh Salmon topped on vinegar-mixed moistened Japanese rice exceeds all the other dishes with its off-the-charts newness and originality that introduces people from different parts of the globe the true ‘Japanese flavors’. When it comes… Read More »

The Details of Enjoying Sushi

Mechanics The waitress will bring you an oshibori(hot towel) as soon as you seat down. Wipe your hands with it before touching the food; some restaurants leave the towel throughout the meal for you to wipe your hands; others take it away before your sashimi arrives. Either way you’ll get a napkin for your lap. Your wooden chopsticks will come joined at one end; separate them and feel them lengthwise. Rub them together only if you feel splinters. Never rub high quality, smooth chopsticks; you will insult the restaurant if you do. You may eat sushi with your hands or with chopsticks, whatever is more comfortable Use chopsticks to grab… Read More »

Yoshihiro NSW 46 Layers Hammered Damascus Gyuto Knife Review Part 2

img by : In Part 2 of our Yoshihiro NSW 46 Layers Hammered Damascus Gyuto Knife Review, we’ll continue looking at the features and benefits of this premium knife by Yoshihiro Cutlery. If you haven’t done so already, feel free to check out Part 1 of this review for more information about this knife. As you know, Damascus style blades are among the most beautiful in the world. Most premium Japanese knives feature Damascus designs because it makes the knives appear more elegant. Damascus knives are also built in a way that makes them more functional and smoother. The core of Yoshihiro’s 46 Layers Hammered Damascus Gyuto knife is… Read More »

Yoshihiro NSW 46 Layers Hammered Damascus Gyuto Knife Review Part 1

img by : Yoshihiro Cutlery is a Japanese company that specializes in producing premium, handcrafted Japanese knives. The company boasts a history that goes back 100 years and has been a leading provider of premium Japanese cutlery in Japan for decades. The company’s knives are known for its reliability and superior cutting performance and are trusted by professional chefs around the world. Yoshihiro excels at creating beautiful knives, and they’re a pure Japanese company that has inherited the Japanese tradition of beauty and excellence. The company’s business philosophy is “every moment is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity”. This philosophy translates to the knives they make, as each knife can be used… Read More »

Wüsthof Classic 26-Piece Mega Block Knife Set with Block

Welcome to the premium knife world! Wustof is world renowned for their high quality knives, and this set definitely lives up to that reputation! Are you a professional chef? Do you like to pretend to be a professional chef in your home kitchen? Do you have money to burn? This is probably the knife set for you! I was pretty excited to get this set in the mail, this is the sort of day that us cooking nerds drool over. If you haven’t heard of Wustof before, you’ve probably heard of Gordon Ramsey or Emeril Lagasse – both of these celebrity chefs fully support Wustof knives. Consumer Reports rated these… Read More »

Master of Japanese knife blacksmith Part.1

The forging of a Japanese kitchen knife is a very delicate technique that can only be exercised by experienced and talented blacksmiths. After the forging, the knife is still dull. The Japanese knife is sharpened by Takayuki Shibata who’s specialized in sharpening. This craftsman executes about 30 steps of sharpening, polishing, and correcting. As a final step, the handle is connected to the blade. Natural oil is rubbed on the blade to prevent stains. The knife is now ready for use. Katsushige Anryu “Iron is alive, it can live and it can die depending on the blacksmith” He is a fourth-generation knife maker and has been. He is a fourth-generation… Read More »